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Client Forms

These forms are for clients who hire the  Winterwolf Pack team to complete their projects.

Forms Explained

Understanding Our Forms

Click on the grey plus sign next to each title listed in the grey accordion to toggle and read the corresponding form description. This will reveal detailed information about each form.

Companion Content

Our ‘Companion Content’ service offers a bespoke collection of materials to enhance and promote your book. This includes captivating audiobooks, impactful book trailers that reflect the tone and theme of your work, and a variety of custom-branded content like courses, workbooks, journals, and merchandise. Each element is carefully crafted to resonate with your book’s theme and your personal or brand identity, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for your audience.

Companion Content Choices: Here, you can select the types of companion content you are interested in developing for your book. Options include:

  • Audiobook
  • Book Trailer
  • Social Media Content
  • Journal
  • Workbook
  • Course
  • Podcast
  • Script/Screenplay
  • Merchandise
  • Other (please specify)

Please tick all the options that apply to your needs. If you select ‘Other,’ provide specific details so we can cater to your unique requirements. This form is your gateway to expanding your book’s reach and impact through diverse and customized media formats.

Media Form

Our Media Form is designed to gather comprehensive information to support your book promotion and media coverage.

Previous Works: Here, you can indicate whether you have published previous books, articles, artwork, songs, or other works, helping us understand your background and experience.

Additional Coverage: If your work has received any coverage in the past, this is where you can list it all, providing a broader view of your public presence.

Your Personal Attention: This area focuses on media coverage specifically about you. You can include links to articles, interviews, or any other relevant media appearances.

Notable Accomplishments: Share any achievements you’re proud of, whether they’re related to your writing career or other aspects of your life.

Press Kit Information: Here, you’ll provide details crucial for your press kit, including the target audience for your book, its benefits, and suggestions for potential readers.

Your Marketing Plan: Outline your strategy for marketing your book, including past efforts and future plans, and any results you’ve already observed.

Current Projects: Detail any ongoing projects that might be relevant to your book promotion.

Interview Questions and Answers: Prepare a list of potential interview questions and your answers, which can be used to engage media hosts and promoters.

Talking Points: If there are specific topics you’re passionate about discussing in interviews or promotional events, list them in this section.

Fun Facts: Share any interesting or quirky facts about yourself that can make your interactions with your audience more engaging.

Media Contacts: If you have connections with any media outlets, influencers, or other promotional entities interested in supporting your work, please provide details here.

This form is your opportunity to give us a holistic view of your work, accomplishments, and plans, ensuring we can tailor our media and promotional strategies effectively to your unique profile.

Additional Components

Our ‘Optional Components’ form allows you to provide additional elements that enhance your book’s depth and connection with readers.

Links and Social Media Shares: Share any relevant product links or sites, and any social media posts related to your book.

Foreword: If an authority has written a foreword for your book, enhancing its credibility, please upload it here.

Dedication: This section is for your book’s dedication. Write the dedication you’d like to include.

Acknowledgments/Thank You: Here, you can express your gratitude to anyone who assisted you in the creation of your book.

Preface: The preface, written by you, gives readers insight into how and why your book was created.

Introduction: This is where you introduce the main themes of your book, setting the stage for what readers can expect.

Afterword or Closing: Summarize the book’s key points here. This section should make the book memorable and encourage readers to recommend it.

Author’s Notes: At the end of your book, these notes offer a personal space to address your readers directly. For inspiration, consider looking at examples from authors like Piers Anthony.

Additional Information: If there’s anything else you want to include that hasn’t been covered, please add it here.

Other Recommended Titles/Authors: Share titles or authors recommended by the same publisher that might interest your readers.

This form is your opportunity to enrich your book with personal touches and additional content, creating a more engaging and comprehensive reading experience.

Cover Design

Our ‘Cover Design’ form is tailored to capture your vision for your book’s cover, ensuring it resonates with your content and audience.

Ideal Book Cover Description: In this section, please describe your perfect book cover in detail. Consider aspects like color, imagery, and overall style. (0 of 1500 max words)

Emotional Impact: How do you want your readers to feel when they see your cover? Describe the emotions or reactions you aim to evoke. (0 of 1500 max words)

Specific Imagery and Themes: Do you want to incorporate particular images, themes, or archetypes into your cover?

    This form is designed to understand your precise needs and preferences for your book cover, ensuring that the final design aligns perfectly with your vision and the book’s message.

    Project Information

    Our ‘Author Information’ form is designed to gather key details about you and your book, ensuring accurate representation and effective promotion.

    Author Details:

    • Name or Pen Name: Enter your name or pen name exactly as it should appear in your book.
    • Website/URL: If you have a website for your book or as an author, please include the URL here.

    Social Media Handles: Provide your handles for various platforms to enhance your book’s online presence:

    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • TikTok
    • Pinterest
    • LinkedIn
    • Other

    Contributor Information:

    • Co-authors: Indicate if there are any co-authors of the book.
    • Contributor Credits: Decide if you want other contributors (like artists, editors) to be credited.

    Publisher Information:

    • Publisher: Select your publisher from the options provided. If ‘Other,’ specify your publishing company.

    Title Information:

    • Book Title: Provide the current title of your book.
    • Book Subtitle: If applicable, include your book’s subtitle.
    • Series Information: Indicate if your book is part of a series.
    • Edition: Specify the edition of your book, especially if it’s a rework or new edition.
    • Word Count: State the current word count of your manuscript.
    • Target Audience: Describe your target audience (e.g., YA, middle grade, specific demographics).
    • Target Age Range: Define the age range of your intended readership.
    • Desired Publication Date: Mention your preferred date for publication.
    • Disclaimers: Indicate if there are any disclaimers that need to be included in your book.

    This form helps us capture all necessary details about you and your work, ensuring that your book is represented accurately and reaches the right audience.

    Interior Book Design

    Our ‘Interior Book Design Form’ is tailored to understand your specific needs and preferences for the formatting of your book. This form allows you to convey your vision for the layout, style, and overall aesthetic of your book’s interior.

    We invite you to share your ideas and requirements in detail, covering aspects such as:

    • Font style and size preferences.
    • Desired margin sizes and line spacing.
    • Choice of headings and subheading styles.
    • Preferences for the layout of text and paragraphs.
    • Specific requirements for any images, charts, or graphics.
    • Unique formatting needs for different sections (e.g., foreword, chapters, appendices).
    • Any thematic elements or design motifs you want incorporated.

    Your input is crucial in helping us create a book that not only looks appealing but also aligns perfectly with the tone and content of your writing. Whether your book is a novel, a non-fiction work, a textbook, or any other genre, we aim to ensure that its interior design enhances the reader’s experience and complements your narrative.

    Please fill out this form with as much detail as possible so that our design team can bring your vision to life in the most accurate and aesthetically pleasing way.

    Contact Information

    Our ‘Contact Form’ is your direct link to us. It’s essential for initiating a smooth and effective communication process. This form is designed to gather your contact information, ensuring we have the correct details to reach you efficiently.

    Please fill in your contact information with utmost accuracy. It’s vital to ensure that all provided contact methods are current, operational, and regularly checked by you.

    Book Descriptions

    Our ‘Book Descriptions’ form is designed to capture the essence of your book while maintaining your unique voice. Your input is crucial as it forms the basis for advertising your book. Our team will review, suggest improvements, and edit your descriptions to ensure they effectively promote your book.

    • Tagline (Max 2500 characters): Provide a concise summary that captures the story’s essence or tone.
    • Comparison Sentence (Max 4000 characters): Describe your book with a creative comparison, like ‘Harry Potter meets Guardians of the Galaxy.’
    • 15-word Book Description: A brief description for the book page (Max 15 words).
    • Short Description (Min 350 characters, Max 350 characters): A slightly longer description for the book page; avoid spoilers.
    • Long Description (Max 4000 characters): An extended description for the book page; no spoilers.
    • Back Cover Description (Max 1400 characters): For use on the book page and back cover; no spoilers.
    • Complete Book Synopsis with Spoilers (Max 3000 words): Full synopsis including spoilers, for internal use.
    • Series Information: Indicate if your book is part of a series and provide a series synopsis and short description without spoilers.

    Please ensure your descriptions are engaging, accurate, and spoiler-free (except for the complete synopsis). This information is pivotal in attracting and intriguing potential readers.

    Author Bios

    Our ‘Author Bios & Headshots’ form is designed to collect your headshot as well as varying lengths and styles of your author bio, each tailored for specific uses. We encourage you to invest time in crafting these bios. Our team will review them, offer suggestions, and refine them to ensure they effectively represent you.

    • Author Bio 1 (Max 2500 characters): A comprehensive bio for use in or on your book.
    • Author Bio 2 (Max 4000 characters): An extended bio, also for use in or on your book, allowing for more detail.
    • Author Bio 3 (Max 30 words): A concise bio for introducing you on our website.
    • Author Bio 4: A detailed bio for your author page on our website, with no maximum word limit (minimum 100 words).
    • Paperback Bio (Max 400 characters): A short bio for the back cover of your paperback edition.
    • Hardcover Bio (Max 770 characters): A slightly longer bio for the back cover of your hardcover edition.

    Each bio should capture different facets of your professional and personal journey as an author, ensuring readers can connect with you across various platforms and formats.

    Author Onboarding Form

    Our form is designed to gather important details for your book publication and royalty payments. Please provide accurate and comprehensive information in each section.

    • Book and Author Information:

      • Book Title: The title of your book.
      • Name: Your first and last name.
      • Address: Your full address, including city, state/province, zip/postal code, and country.
      • Shipping Address: Confirm if the provided address is the same as your shipping address.
    • Contact Preferences:

      • Best Way to Contact You: Choose from call, text, email, physical mail, all of the above, or specify another method.
      • Phone and Email: Provide your phone number and email address for contact.
    • Payment and Tax Information:

      • Payee Legal Name: Your legal name or your organization’s name.
      • Organization Status: Indicate if the payee is an organization.
      • Preferred Currency: Select your preferred currency for royalty payments.
      • Royalty Payment Method: Choose between PayPal or Check for receiving payments.
      • Tax Information: Provide your SSN, EIN, or non-US tax ID number. This information is necessary for processing royalty payments and tax documents and will be shared with our payment processors and distributors.
    • Tax Forms:

      • For US Residents: Upload a completed W-9 form.
      • For International Residents: Upload a completed W-8 BEN form.
      • File Upload: Attach the relevant tax form.

    Filling out this form accurately ensures smooth processing of your book publication, contact, and royalty payments, complying with necessary tax laws and regulations.